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MetaComet® Systems’ Revenue Sharing Software

What is revenue sharing software, and how can it help?

MetaComet® Systems’ solutions can substantially improve the processes of any business with a model that regularly shares revenue with individuals or organizations. Our best-in-class software delivers effortless calculations and efficient payment solutions that make it simple and quick to distribute income.

Here are three big business benefits of MetaComet® Systems’ revenue-sharing software.

1. Save time

Managing revenue sharing requirements by hand can require countless hours of frustrating labor. Automated revenue sharing software does the hard work for you, consolidating multiple sources of sales data and preparing statements according to contractual agreements. MetaComet clients tell us our solutions can reduce the time spent on royalties by up to 90%, freeing teams to do more profitable and stimulating work.

2. Minimize risk

By automating calculations with revenue sharing software, businesses massively reduce the risk of manual error. Incorrect statements mean licensors and licensees pay or receive too much or too little revenue, which has major consequences for a business relationship. At best, it reduces trust; at worst, it can lead to legal action to recover revenue.



3. Improve relations

Clear and accurate revenue sharing processes build the foundations for great business partnerships. They make royalty and payment management fair and transparent, and leave licensors and licensees equally motivated to achieve growth together. Management software also provides detailed insights into sales, helping leaders make better and more informed business decisions.

Want to know more about how we can meet your revenue sharing software needs? Contact us for a customized demo, a free quote and testimonials from satisfied MetaComet customers around the world.

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