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  • Save Time
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  • Business Intelligence

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Handle Virtually Every Royalty Need

  • Royalty Tracker has the richest set of features available for royalty accounting software.  Having performed royalties accounting on over 100,000 titles, we’ve almost seen it all, which is reflected in Royalty Tracker’s capabilities

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IT Aspects

Secure. Easy.

  • Cloud Based
  • Easy Integration
  • Redundancy and backups


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We were one of the first royalty management systems developed specifically for publishers and we have a relentless commitment to ongoing research and development. MetaComet is constantly creating the next generation of industry-leading software for royalties tracking. See our key features here.

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From our original Royalty Tracker, to, to the Sales Aggregator, and now to the MetaVerse, MetaComet has been at the leading edge of technology solutions for publishers. With nearly twenty years of experience in the industry, MetaComet knows publishing and royalty accounting software.

We are committed to this pioneering spirit, which to you means confidence in your investment in our tools and services. As our earliest customers have experienced, MetaComet continues to constantly evolve and grow as the industry changes, new technologies become available, and royalty accounting becomes critical for your author relationships.

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Committed To Success

Our success is a reflection of your success. Our most important business objective is ensuring that our customers meet their goals.With over 70 customers, MetaComet has the royalty accounting experience and expertise to help every publisher experience success.

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Every business is unique, and we appreciate the importance of being adaptable. Operationally, we have discovered that this requires two foundational pillars: The best possible support, and the highest level of quality.

On the support side, our team is extremely responsive, and as our customers attest, highly experienced, knowledgable and helpful. On the quality side, every feature, report, and change we deliver to customers goes through our Quality Assurance program. As many customers tell us, most software vendors don't do this very well. To us, it's the foundation of what we do.

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Quality. Utility. Ease of use. We take pride in creating the finest products possible, and ensuring that you have the most pleasant, effective experience with us. We put tremendous effort into designing our royalty tracking software. During the architecture design phase of The MetaVerse, we engaged one of the software industry's most respected experts to vet our design. We hired finance experts to ensure the most accurate software for royalty management. When it came time to development, we brought in one of the world's most experienced firms to pair program with us as we transitioned the design to a coding framework, ensuring our incorporation of the latest best practices and tools.

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This involves having both a robust Quality Assurance program, and well designed tools. We love building great tools. Great to us means reliable, easy to use, flexible, and robust. And to stay great, we stay on top of the latest and most reliable technologies and user interface trends for royalties accounting.

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