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MetaComet® Systems offers a variety of tools to help you automate and optimize your entire royalty management process, from importing sales, to generating statements, to providing online access to to your authors.  And our rights management solutions help increase revenue through improved deal making and better collections.

Automated Royalty Calculations

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The Royalty Tracker® Platform

Our flagship product, Royalty Tracker, helps you automate your royalty process by storing contract details, importing sales data, and generating royalty statements and reports.  Easy to use, incredibly powerful, and with much-loved flexibility, Royalty Tracker will save you significant time, reduce the risk of errors, and provide you with deep insight into your financials.

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The first, and to our knowledge only, commercially available third party dedicated portal for publishers and their authors.  Enhance your relationships by providing online access to contracts, statements and any other documents that you wish to share with your authors.  And it does so much more than royalties:

  • Manuscript submission
  • Collaborate on artwork
  • Online questionnaires
  • Blogging tools

Rights Tracker

Rights Tracker helps improve rights income through:

  • Powerful deal management
  • Tracking unpaid royalties
  • Identifying available rights
  • Tracking expiring and expired deals
  • Automated royalty calculations
  • Finding target licensees

Sales Aggregator

Do you manage multiple sales files from multiple sources, each with a different layout or format?  Saves hours each month with our powerful Sales Aggregator:

  • Memorize file layouts from any source
  • Easily upload files – the Sales Aggregator does the rest
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Central repository for all sales files and data
  • Automatic integration into Royalty Tracker and other tools

Professional Services

Some companies have one-of-a-kind requirements, or require highly customized solutions.  Others need assistance assessing their needs, their data, and their processes.

MetaComet® Systems offers custom software development services and workflow analysis.  We bring both our extensive experience working with many of the world’s largest media companies and our commitment to quality craftsmanship.

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