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Royalty software solutions for publishing companies.Publishing Royalty software & management system for the music and recording industries.Music Specialist rights management software.Rights Management Manage your licensees, agreements, rights, royalties, and products with ease.Royalty Accounting Royalty software and management system for the life sciences industries.Life Sciences Manage the royalty obligations on your licensed intellectual property with ease.Online Learning

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"RoyaltyTracker is an essential tool! It freed up at least 80% of our previous time and effort managing our revenue reporting!" (more)
— Michael Gaudet, eReads

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Royalty Software Solutions by MetaComet Specifically Designed For Your Industry

MetaComet’s royalty software solutions are designed for compatibility with multiple industries: publishing, music, recording, gaming, life sciences, pharmaceutical and others, ensuring complete control and maximum profit from your licensing agreements. Our Royalty Tracker® royalty management system is designed with the power and flexibility to meet the royalty needs of your organization, enabling you to generate royalty statements quickly and efficiently. The Royalty Tracker® solution provides the most complete rights and royalties management toolkit available anywhere! Just choose your industry and find the RoyaltyTracker® solution that fits your royalty management needs.