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The Founding of MetaComet

In early 1999 eReads – a pioneer in digital content publishing – found itself facing an offshoot of success:  burdensome royalty management.  Renowned literary agent Richard Curtis, founder of eReads, approached the technologist and publishing industry expert David Marlin to collaboratively solve the problem and MetaComet Systems was born.

The challenges faced by eReads turned out to be ubiquitous in the industry:

  • Anxiety over getting statements delivered to recipients on time;
  • Inaccuracy and lack of controls in calculating and distributing royalties;
  • Strained relations with authors;
  • Resources poured into paying royalties rather than growing the business.

The publishing industry did not face this challenge alone.  MetaComet now services licensors of virtually any intellectual or physical property including music, video, television, merchandising, licensing, etc.

Today, MetaComet Systems has earned its reputation as the “most trusted name in royalties” thanks to a commitment to our customers and our ongoing effort to optimize the process, all while finding powerful new ways to generate revenue through improved rights management.

In order to ensure that we most effectively meet the needs of our customers, we have certified project managers trained in PMBOK® best practices.

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Who Are Our Customers?

Our customers include many of the most respected names in the business, including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, Pearson, etc. And while our system has the power to help these massive operations, our real strength is the flexibility and care we devote to helping small and mid-sized companies exploit their content and be lean and efficient, while ensuring that they are well positioned as we enter the dawn of digital content.

Read what they are saying about us here.

A sample list of companies which have engaged our services:

HarperCollins Hachette Wiley
Alloy Entertainment JazzAndBlues.tv T Entertainment
Random House Scholastic Macmillan
Elsevier Taylor & Francis Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pearson Ingram Grove Atlantic
Kodansha Bloomsbury FSG
Rowman & Littlefield Samhain Publishing Soho Press
eReads Silver Moon Press Abrams

Industry Involvement

To ensure that our customers can take advantage of the latest developments and capitalize on the new opportunities of the digital age, MetaComet remains deeply committed to being at the forefront of change in our industry.

Our President, David Marlin, Chaired the committee that developed the original BISG Digital Sales Reporting standard for publishers. He currently co-chairs the BISG Rights Committee and serves on the BISG Governing Council.

Representatives from MetaComet are frequent contributors to industry events, having spoken on multiple occasions at Book Expo America, the Book Industry Study Group Annual Meeting, etc.

About RoyaltyTracker®

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See What Our Customers Say

"The RoyaltyTracker® System eliminated whole functions I personally had to do before. Our statements are much more accurate. And when there are mistakes, the system flags them. When the data is corrected, it’s automatically integrated into the system. The MetaComet® staff is very responsive. If there’s a problem or an area that needs improvement, they get right on it. I’d recommend The Royalty Tracker® Solution for small and large companies alike."
— David Katz, Publisher, Silver Moon Press

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