An Overview of RoyaltyTracker®

RoyaltyTracker®: A Complete Royalty Management Solution

RoyaltyTracker® provides integrated rights management, contract management, royalty accounting, and reporting, and makes contract management and sales tracking simple and fast. It also features the most complete rights management toolkit available, giving you complete control and maximum profit from your licensing agreements.

Choose your industry and find the RoyaltyTracker® solution that fits the royalty management needs for your business.

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Integration With Your Business

Standalone, RoyaltyTracker® saves time. By seamlessly integrating with other parts of your business, it helps you shine, and ensures that your royalty management is the most efficient possible. It can communicate with virtually any accounting system (e.g. for cutting checks), any title management system (for synchronizing titles), and any fulfillment system (for importing sales).

Easy to Implement Royalty Management Solutions

Our years of experience have made us implementation experts, so that the best rights and royalties solution is simple, quick, and easy for you to take advantage of. We have developed a proprietary setup platform, The MetaGoLive® System, which enables us to have customers running royalties in days. It is not uncommon for businesses to first approach us mere weeks before a major royalty payout, and to have Royalty Tracker then perform that payout for them.

Providing The Highest Quality Service Is Our Priority

Royalty management is one of the most complex aspects of any royalty-based business. MetaComet makes it one of the simplest. But because of that underlying complexity, there are always issues that need immediate, expert attention. We pride ourselves on our service, which has 24 hour US-based availability.

The real-world experiences of our clients have proven RoyaltyTracker to be the industry standard in improving efficiency and accuracy. And we’re so confident in the RoyaltyTracker® solution that we offer a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t improve your accuracy and efficiency, give your business the advantage in rights and royalty management, and contribute to your overall business health.

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