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The Royalty Management Lifecycle: An Overview of Royalty Tracker and AuthorPortal.com

In this series of videos, taken from a recent webinar, MetaComet’s David Marlin demonstrates how our Royalty Tracker and AutborPortal.com tools can simplify and automate the entire royalty management life cycle.

Royalty management is a perpetual challenge for publishers. It consumes valuable time and resources, and has a high risk of error.

Closely related to royalty management of course are Author Relationships. Pro-active, transparent, accurate royalty management can enhance the valuable bond between publishers and their authors, while poor royalty management can quickly erode that relationship.

MetaComet Systems specializes in helping publishers solve these challenges.

In this series, each video covers one or two aspects of lifecycle.  You may select the ones that you are most interested in, or view them all in sequence.  (Also, please check back again soon as we plan on putting up additional informational videos.)

This first video provides an overview of the Royalty Management Lifecycle, and begins a discussion of the first phase:

The Acquisition and Contract Management Process

The second video covers handling your sales data, including combining data from multiple sources and multiple formats into a single sales database.

Organizing Sales Data

The third video covers royalty calculations, and the corresponding royalty reports and statements.

Royalty Statements and Reports

The fourth video covers generating revenue through improved rights management.

Review of Statements; Rights Management

Interested in learning more?  We would be happy to talk through your royalty management challenges, the Royalty Management Lifecycle, or anything related to rights, royalties and author relations.  Please contract us.

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