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IPG Webinar: Royalty Automation – Save Time, Eliminate Errors, Reduce Stress

Royalty management can be overwhelmingly complex leading to both risks and inefficiencies for the business, and stress and pressure to those doing the work. Fortunately the process can be automated. In this webinar, IPG Supplier Member MetaComet® Systems shows you how you can use its tools to:

– Reduce your effort by up to 90%
– Improve accuracy and reduce the risk of errors
– Enhance author relations through online contracts and royalty statements
– Improve your subright operations and income 


MetaComet’s® Royalty Tracker® system records all your contract details and handles the grunt work of calculating royalties, generating reports and royalty statements, and managing royalty payments.

AuthorPortal.com is the original independent publisher’s author/publisher collaboration tool, enabling you to collaborate on royalty contracts and share royalty statements online.

MetaComet’s Sales Aggregator automates the process of combining all your sales files into a single sales database.

In this webinar, MetaComet President David Marlin shows how all these tools work together to provide you with the highest level of royalty automation available in the industry.

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