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IPG Benefit: How Effective Royalty Management Will Save Money, Enhance Author Relationships, and Generate Additional Revenues

On Wednesday, November 18 2015, Independent Publishers Guild supplier member MetaComet Systems presents a FREE webinar about royalties: How Effective Royalty Management Will Help You Save Money, Enhance Author Relationships, and Generate Additional Revenues.

Royalty management is a perpetual challenge for publishers. It consumes valuable time and resources, and has a high risk of error.

Closely related to royalty management of course are Author Relationships. Pro-active, transparent, accurate royalty management can enhance the valuable bond between publishers and their authors, while poor royalty management can quickly erode that relationship.

In this webinar, you will learn about tools to:

· Automate royalty management and reduce your costs, efforts, and errors
· Enhance the bond between you and your authors,leading to increased sales and enhanced relationships
· Increase revenue through improved rights management
· Free up valuable time of key resources
· Manage all your sales through a single portal
· Manage your author contracts
· Collaborate with authors

MetaComet Systems specializes in helping publishers solve these challenges. We look forward to them showing us how their Royalty Tracker, AuthorPortal.com and Sales Aggregation tools help publishers thrive through the entire royalty management – author relationship life-cycle.

As a benefit of your IPG membership, you receive a great discount off of MetaComet’s services.

For more videos related to the Royalty Management Lifecycle, please visit our videos page.

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