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In early 1999 eReads – a pioneer in digital content publishing found itself facing an offshoot of success:  burdensome royalty management.  Renowned literary agent Richard Curtis, founder of eReads, approached the technologist and publishing industry expert David Marlin to collaboratively solve the problem and MetaComet Systems was born. The challenges faced by eReads turned out to be ubiquitous in the industry:

  • Anxiety over getting statements delivered to recipients on time
  • Inaccuracy and lack of controls in calculating and distributing royalties
  • Resources poured into paying royalties rather than growing the business.
  • Strained relations with authors


Today, MetaComet Systems has earned its reputation as the “most trusted name in royalties” thanks to a commitment to our customers, our commitment to quality, our ongoing research and development and our relentless effort to find every opportunity to optimize the process. We work with over 70 publishers of all types, helping them automate their royalties, generate additional rights income, and improve author relations.  If you are not already a customer, please contact us – we’d love to work with you too!

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